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Optimising returns from carbon for your farm

Join Cultivating Carbon today

At Cultivating Carbon, we realise the crucial role of farmers and understand that they have limited capacity to navigate this novel journey alone. We have a heart for agriculture and our goal is to ensure thriving and sustainable farms for the future. We do this by generating an additional income stream for the farmer, whereby the bulk of the carbon revenue is directly allocated to the farmer, along with a whole host of additional beneficial impacts from the implementation of conservation and regenerative agriculture ("CA/RA") practices. Therefore, we facilitate the entire on-farm carbon revenue process, so that you can focus on what you are good at, farming. A farmer partnering with Cultivating Carbon will be facilitated and guided through the necessary on-farm practices that need to be adhered to, for carbon offset qualification, while we take care of the carbon offset administration, measurement, verification, validation, trading and possible other nitty-gritty components. 

Together, we can cultivate carbon!

Why choose Cultivating Carbon?

The agricultural sector of South Africa has been taken by storm with the possibility of "farming" carbon revenues. Navigating this journey alone can be daunting. To a farmer, Cultivating Carbon is the carbon partner he/she can trust to have their best interests at heart. In our unique value proposition, we commit to allocating 70% of the carbon revenue directly to the farmer.

Cultivating Carbon was incorporated to facilitate and support farmers in the process of carbon credit generation, registration and trading. Our team is made up of leading CA/RA soil scientists, agronomists and soil carbon scientists. We assess the current on-farm practices, provide technical guidance when land-management practices need to be changed (from conventional, till-based practices to CA/RA practices) for the qualification of carbon offsets, while we walk the carbon journey of sustainability and regeneration with you. 

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